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Jameson Van Houten Published in the Phoenix Business Journal June 2015 Ask the Financial Experts

June 2015- Check out the Wealth Management section of the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2015 Ask The Financial Experts for educational and relevant topics

Q: I recenATE 6.26-page-001tly left my job. What should I do with my 401(k) savings?

A: Changing jobs is an important life milestone but it also presents you with important life choices. After leaving an employer you have several options for your retirement plan assets. However, your 401(k) provider may not inform you of all of your choices upfront and may suggest options that are not in your best long term interest. Whether you choose to keep you assets in the plan, roll them over to an IRA or new employer’s plan, or take a taxable distribution you should be aware of the tax consequences, fees, investment options, portability, and creditor protection that vary with each option, and be especially careful if you own company stock in the plan as there are additional considerations. A Certified Financial Planner™ can make sure that you are fully informed regarding the options available to you and help determine the best path for you financial future.

-Jameson Van Houten, CFP ®

Van Houten, Jameson, (2015 June). Ask the Experts. Phoenix Business Journal.