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Jameson Van Houten CEO of Stonegate Capital Advisors Highlights recent Channel 3 News Interview

We are so excited to announce Jameson Van Houten, CEO of Stonegate Capital Advisors, was recently highlighted on Channel 3 AZ Family (KTVK). His interview shared insight on the “Sandwich Generation” and great tips to help plan for the future.

Jameson Channel 3

Scottsdale, AZ – Jameson Van Houten, CFP® and Chief Investment Officer of the boutique Scottsdale firm Stonegate Capital Advisors, highlights his recent appearance on Phoenix News Channel KTVK.

In the segment, Jameson highlighted the financial struggles that many middle aged individuals are facing, regarding raising their children while also caring for their aging parents. Van Houten explained how we are now witnessing the baby boomer generation living much longer lives. This is becoming a large financial responsibility, and can also be emotionally taxing on the entire family, and Jameson fully explained in the segment the challenges this generation is faced with.

When parents are in need of assisted living, this can come at a tremendous expense to the children, who of course want the best for their parents. These individuals are known as the Sandwich generation. Jameson Van Houten goes on to explain, “These individuals are at a point in their lives, where they are raising their own children, only to find out they now have to care for their aging parents as well”.   With Medicare not covering the ongoing necessities that come with the care needed, The Sandwich Generation as Van Houten explains, is under extreme pressure to not only provide for their children now, but also their future expenses. For the full interview segment, please click here.